The Green Bicycle

The Green Bicycle is a short story based on a true, unsolved murder case that happened in Leicestershire in 1919.


Via Devana, 5th July 2007, Leicestershire, England

It had taken Millie months to find this green old bike. The last time it was seen it hung on the walls of a local bike shop, then it suddenly disappeared. Millie had spent months tracking it down and finally found it in some farmers old shed. He sold it to her for 10 quid which, considering its derelict state, she thought was a right rip-off.

Thankfully, she had the low sun in her back as Millie was cycling the squeaking green vintage bike along the Via Devana – an old Roman road nowadays known as Gartree Road – framed with fields that make up most of the typical English countryside.

Much to her relief it was a flat stretch of road, as the nearly 100 year old BSA bike had no gears at all and the main brake was applied by paddling backwards. Suddenly, she missed her battered old Raleigh mountain bike which, though with front shocks that didn’t work any more, at least had 21 gears.

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