In the 1990s the cars in New York looked so nice and old and American. Like an episode of Kojak. There is a TGI Fridays on the right where the balloons are and at the end of the street is the back of the New York Public Library, one of my favourite buildings in the world for all the knowledge it holds in its walls.

It took me a while to retrace this information on Google Maps, but I now know that I took that picture at the corner 41st/Broadway (40°45’18.0″N 73°59’11.6″W). What perplexes me most in this picture is the perspective.

41st/Broadway, New York 1992

In the photo it looks like the library is just a few feet away, but before you can actually touch the walls of the building you have to walk 370 meters, cross another street at the end (6th Street) and then you are still not at the library because first comes Bryant Park with stalls and people and a fountain. All of this is hidden from view in this photo.

But when you keep on walking and around the building block you have reached the marble lions. When I got there the sun was bathing them in bright light.

Patience is the Lion’s name, New York Public Library, New York 1992


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