As a visitor from the Old World, a world were things are old and small and puzzled together, to me those rows of high tower buildings were a mind blowing new experience. You suddenly become aware of scale. I had never seen anything like that before with my own two eyes. Walking through the seemingly endless streets feeling so small, always looking up in awe – that is what New York meant to me at the time. Something I had only seen on TV and now I was right in the middle of it all.

It was an overwhelming experience and I didn’t care much for the people down in those streets, but it was the landscape, the cityscape that was so epic to me, that I wanted to capture it all and bring it home with me, so I wouldn’t forget how big and important this city is.

I wanted to capture the Empire State Building in all its glory, as it has always been my favourite building (and the Chrysler, too). But travelling with a fixed lens Agfa Silette I knew I had not a chance in the world to get a nice shot without a wide angle lens. So I walked around the block until I found this spot and when I did the sun was just hitting that one building in front of the Empire painting it in golden light.

Streets of New York





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