When the plane had landed it was a late November afternoon close to sunset. By the time the shuttle picked us up at JFK International Ariport it was getting dark. Entering Manhattan at night was underwhelming at first, but when the first skyscrapers came in sight like lighthouses on a distant shore it was surreal and breathtaking.

Morning in Manhattan

My first night in the big apple was weird and sleepless. New York has been and still is the loudest city I have ever stayed in. I remember sirens echoing through Manhattan all night long at a constant rate. It reminded me that I had never been further away from home than now. I was wondering how anyone ever finds peace here. But when I looked out the badly insulated wooden sash window the next morning and took this photo shooting into the golden sun with my old Agfa camera I strangely felt right at home.

249 W 45th St, New York 1992

Then v Now

Strangely enough the car park is still there today, if upgraded ever so slightly. The Golden and Imperial (still showing Les Miserables) are still there, too. However, the trees are not, and seem to have been replaced with younger models.

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