Cactus Flower by Night

Cactus Flower by Night

I’ve had Cacti since I was a child, but getting them to flower has always been a mystery to me. Now with old age, one has finally started to produce flowers and even for the second year!

I missed the flowers the first time around, because they only open for one day – which actually means it starts to open around sunset and dies until noon the next day. Ideal conditions to take a beautiful photo…

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In the Shadows chasing the Light

As a visitor from the Old World, a world were things are old and small and puzzled together, to me those rows of high tower buildings were a mind blowing new experience. You suddenly become aware of scale. I had never seen anything like that before with my own two eyes. Walking through the seemingly endless streets feeling so small, always looking up in awe – that is what New York meant to me at the time. Something I had only seen on TV and now I was right in the middle of it all.

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Gotham Bank

Like the grill of a 50s car paired with an incredible bold amount of black. Never had I seen such an Art Deco chrome fa├žade like that before. But what also got my attention was the unusual name of the bank. A rather small signage compared to the bold building grill, but still striking enough – Gotham Bank of New York. Wow. I had found Batman’s bank.

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